Merlin Properties implements facial recognition entry at Paseo de la Castellana, 85

Merlin, one of Spain's leading publicly traded real estate companies, has taken a significant leap forward in its access control system by integrating advanced facial recognition technology with SAN2 to optimize the experience of its employees and visitors.

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We are integrators because we understand that this is where we can bring the best of our versions. We understand that in the market there are many good solutions but as in any good discussion no one is right, but the union of all points of view. Therefore, since unity is strength, we try to find the best solution with the union of those technologies that seem to us more interesting giving our customers the ability to get the best results with the resources available. We call this concept SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION

Genetec developer partner

We are dedicated to implement developments showing our ability to integrate technology in a platform that we consider outstanding, GENETEC. This monitoring environment is a robust platform that allows us to generate customized solutions.

Customized Command and Control Center Solutions

We have carried out the design, engineering, development and execution of an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) with a sophisticated real-time video surveillance system for the construction industry.

Uspace, intelligent space management

Uspace automates time-consuming and non-essential tasks, allowing you to save costs, optimize time and dedicate time to what is really important: managing your business.

Banco Santander

Successful case

Banco Santander, one of the world's leading financial institutions, has established itself as a benchmark in the adoption of advanced technologies to improve the experience and optimize its internal processes. In this case study, we will present how the bank carried out a successful implementation of hardware and software configuration, server installation, and professional services including conflict resolution, training, plugins and custom software.

IE Business School

Successful case

IE Business School and SAN2 have joined forces to carry out a cutting-edge technological integration, focused on improving the experience of the educational community. This has allowed for a successful integration of various technologies that have boosted efficiency and quality at the educational institution. The implementation of the facial recognition plugin, the customized web application, technical support, equipment configuration and installation, and employee training have been key to providing a more innovative and enhanced academic experience.

Fútbol Club Oporto

Successful case

FC Porto and SAN2 have forged a strategic partnership to drive the implementation of advanced technologies that improve the management and experience at the sports club and has resulted in a successful implementation of advanced technologies that are transforming the management and performance of the club. The integration of ad hoc hardware and software for parking access has improved security and efficiency in the management of the club. With specialized technical support and employee training, FC Porto has obtained a comprehensive solution that boosts its development and facilitates access to the stadium.

Research & Development

Investigación + Desarrollo

At San2 we are committed to the development and innovation of new products and services, which is why part of our team is focused on research.



San2 Innovación Sostenible, S.L. participates in a research project, in collaboration with the University of Vigo (UVigo) and with the rest of the participating companies: Extraco Construccións e Proxectos S.A., Conexiona Telecom S.L. and Aeromedia Uav, SL.

Embedded Geolocator Service

We are dedicated to implement developments showing our ability to integrate technology in a platform that we consider outstanding, GENETEC. This monitoring environment is a robust platform that allows us to generate customized solutions.


Progress on San2 R&D project selected in conectapime 2018.

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Global expansion

Expansión mundial

SAN2, an innovation and development company based in Madrid, has experienced phenomenal expansion in recent years, establishing its presence in various regions of the world with a focus on technological excellence and customer satisfaction and has successfully penetrated the markets of Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Greece.

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